Saturday, February 19, 2011

Treasure Planet II

Some of my panels from the ill-fated Treasure Planet sequel. Was fun to work on. Too bad it never happened!


  1. HUGE. HUGE. Doppler/Amelia fan, so to see these two together in any way is always fun. you just made my internet browser-month, posting these amazing images up, haha.

  2. heya, sorry i'm going to continue to geek out a bit on your blog post. are you able to discuss the story these slides are depicting and where they are (ie, in front of Dopplers fireplace?) although i have a friend in animation and he's never allowed to tell me until the company gives the allowance, so if you cant tell me i'll understand.

  3. Just a question, If you ever had the chance would you go back to work on a sequel to treasure planet?